Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Please enjoy my pictures that I took during a visit to Michigan's Selfridge Air National Guard Base museum and air park in April, 2011.
Information about any of the aircraft depicted can be found here. If you have any experience with or first-hand stories about these aircraft, I welcome your comments.

Walk the field, but tread respectfully, for there are legends and giants asleep on their hardstands.


  1. Nice photos! Came over from the "Lair"
    Gotta take exception to two captions; The F-14 turned out to be a damn good close-air support bomber in it's last days. The "BombCat" served well in Afghanistan.
    As for the A-7 being "All Weather"? Sure, long's the weather is VFR. Now the A-6; THAT was an "All Weather" attack aircraft!
    Boat Guy

  2. I certainly enjoyed your pictures and comments! I'm an old timer with a soft spot for the old prop planes, but these older jets are also cool.
    I was an aircraft engine mechanic in the USAF, working on the R4360 engines in the C-124 Globemaster, which was a real workhorse back in its day.
    We had a small SAC squadron on our MATS base. They flew F-101s and one of my favorite things was watching them take off in the evenings. Staggered, two at a time, and they would get rolling, then hit the afterburners and go almost straight up. Always gave me goosebumps!